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Quality hassle free senior photography backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee: If you are not satisfied with your proofs, I will re-shoot or refund your entire deposit.  This simple statement is my promise that your senior session will deliver images that you will be proud to display and share with your family and friends.


You have the option of purchasing prints, digital files or a combination of both.  No complicated packages, you order only what you want.  Check out my "Prices" page for the details.


All photography, color control, re-touching and special effects are handled personally by myself so rest assured that your senior photographs will be done the way that you want them.  Multiple change of clothes, pets, hobby props, and locations of your choice are features that are standard with my senior sessions.  We discuss all of this during our preliminary consultation so your photo shoot will go smoothly and you will know exactly what to expect.  I give you helpful hints on how to look your best in front of the camera including clothing choices, makeup, posing and time of day for the best light.


Thank you for visiting my website!  Please call Mark at 262-707-1537 to schedule your senior session or to simply talk to get to know me a little better before making your choice.  You can also use the convenient form on the "Contact" page if you prefer secure e-mail.

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Senior Session Example

Senior Photo Shoot
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Photography in the Digital Era

Prints produced by a professional lab can be expected to retain their color for over 100 years when displayed properly.  Prints should always be your first choice when deciding on a purchase.  In addition to prints, Pixel Photography will now sell high resolution digital files in JPG format.  Will JPG's and the media on which they are stored be valid for 100 years or even decades?  Who knows but consider if you had purchased digital files a mere 15 years ago, they were most likely stored on 3-1/2" or 5-1/4" floppies.  When that storage scheme was replaced by CD's, how long were they around before DVD's became dominant?  Where would your precious digital files be now?


Nevertheless, I will sell digital files for customers who want them for several reasons:


  1. Social media is becoming more dominant in our culture and customers want to post professional quality photos on their social pages, websites and to use as e-mail attachments.
  2. It seems that everyone now carries some form of Smart Phone, Ipod, Ipad, or other digital device.
  3. Sophisticated computer equipment is now prevalent in most households.  If someone wants to violate a photographer's copyright by scanning a purchased print, it is fairly easy to do although it is illegal.
  4. Many customers know how to use Photoshop and want high resolution digital files for their personal use.
  5. Aftermarket digital products like t-shirts, mugs, plates, key-chains, etc. are available on the Internet and customers want to buy these products imprinted with professional images.

Please visit my "Prices" page for the details.

Why Hire a Professional Photographer?

Lets face it, modern digital cameras can deliver professional quality images and they are priced so many households can afford them.  Photographers often hear comments like "That's a really nice camera, I bet it takes great pictures".  Think about that for a minute - isn't it equivalent to saying to a carpenter "Those are really nice tools, I bet they make great cabinets".  In each case, the camera and tools allow the professional to deliver quality products to his customers but the key element is the person handling the tool.

Photography is about light.  A fundamental understanding of how to control and manipulate light is paramount to creating successful images.  For example, the ratio of light intensity between the foreground and background can give the same image an entirely different mood.  Same for the ratio of light on the model's face.  How about the direction of light?  What about the color of light?  Take a good look at your skin when you are in a wooded area, your skin is green!  Have you noticed that when you use on-camera flash, facial contours tend to disappear?  For this reason, over 99% of my senior images do not use flash.

Next, photography is about the subject, location and the "story" you want to tell with your pictures.  Professional photographers consult with their clients before the session to work out these important details.  We plan the photo shoot with a goal in mind.  Spontaneity always occurs during a photo shoot, that's what makes it fun but it's always done with an overall objective.  My sessions are lively, intense and a lot of fun.  We meet as clients but we part as friends!