• What form of payments do you accept and when are payments due?

    A check is the preferred method of payment. A $75.00 session fee payment is due at time of booking and the remainder is due at time of order. Because I guarantee my work, if you don't want to order from any of the proof selections, I will refund all down payments or re-shoot the session.

  • How are proofs handled?

    Proofs can be handled in a variety of ways. I can post them on this website (with password protection if you prefer), you can view them at my home on a widescreen TV, or I can print them in a bound proof book.  I do not retouch all proofs, only a select few so you can see what the final print will look like.

    The reason for the time restrictions detailed below is so that the order may be completed in a timely manner.  Once I have invested my time, I expect the client to complete the order process within three weeks.

    Online Proofs
    Proofs will be posted for a generous three week period at no charge.  If selections have not been made within this time frame and you wish to keep them posted, an additional $25.00 per week charge will be applied to your order.  If you do not wish to incur additional posting charges, please make an appointment to view the proofs at my home.  If I don't hear from you within the three week time frame, you forfeit the session fee.

    View Proofs at my Home
    I have a comfortable viewing room and software that makes sorting images very easy and quick.  Most people choose this method because it is quick and I can answer questions about re-touching and special effect options.  Order selections are made at the time of viewing.  I respect your time and I never apply pressure.

    Bound Proof Books
    A proof book is available for an additional charge of $50.00 payable at time of booking and it's yours to keep.  The images are approximately wallet sized and printed on paper that will not allow quality copies to be made.  If you choose this method for viewing your proofs, selections should be made within three weeks or an additional charge of $25.00 per week will be applied to your order.

  • Can I copy photos for my Facebook page?

    With every senior session you may select 3 images from those that you order and I will provide appropriately sized images for your Facebook page.  All prints are copyrighted and may not be reproduced under law.  If you want unrestricted use of digital files, you must purchase them and I will provide a copyright release.  Please see the Prices page for details.

  • Can other people be in my senior pictures?

    Your senior session is about you, not other people so the answer in most cases is no.  Other individuals are treated as separate clients.  Pets are allowed without restriction.

  • A friend had a really neat photo that I would like to do in a similar manner, is this possible?

    I will do my best to provide the image that you have in mind.  The more input that you can provide, the easier it is to achieve the desired result.

  • What if rain is forecast on the day of my photo shoot?

    Don't worry about it - I'm very flexible on rescheduling and you will never be charged any additional amount.  As the day draws near, we will be in touch regarding the weather forecast so we both can plan ahead.

  • What locations are best for my senior photo shoot?

    Pretty much anywhere within 50 miles round trip is workable.  If you don't have a location in mind, I can suggest some that work well.  Please note that state parks impose a $50.00 fee per park (see Wisconsin State Park Permits) to take professional photographs and that amount will be added to your session cost.  In Milwaukee county, there are park admission fees plus an hourly fee that can run as much as $132.00 per hour (see Milwaukee County Photography Rates).

  • Do you sell digital files?

    Yes digital files are available for purchase.  Please see the Prices page for details.